Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why a Blog?

Well honestly, why not? I'm an entertainment writer by day which means that I read & write an awful lot. It also means that most of what I crank out is to help other sites to advance their brand, be it Fox, Music Times or wherever. Those topics are generally what's hot right now or whatever is breaking in the world of celeb news. Somewhere along the way, while stringing paychecks together I've missed just writing for the sake of doing it. Diary Of A Radio Girl is mine. Sure it goes hand in hand with my old school pop culture site, The Daily Boom, but this baby is mine.

Long before I realized that I was a writer I was sitting inside the studio of a radio station with my dad. Radio is his first true love and to this day nothing excites him quite like radio does. I can remember visiting his good friend at a different station during the evenings. The studio was dark except for the lights directly above the soundboard and being so young it reminded me of sitting in a spaceship or something else equally otherworldly. All that I really understood was that the music was coming from that spot and it sounded better than ever. Sure dad was talking to his friend in between airchecks but it was a cool experience that he was also sharing with me.

Music was everything in my house growing up. Dad had his own room devoted to albums, stereo equipment and eventually a card catalog system that allowed him to find absolutely any song in under twenty seconds (he had me time him). My friends all had People magazine on their coffee tables but if you came to my house you would instead find a copy of Billboard in its place.

Music has carried me through decades on this earth and every pivotal moment of my life inevitably has a song attached to it. I'm that person with a story to go with nearly every 80's song that happens to come on the radio while you're running to Walmart for a gallon  of milk and school supplies. I drive my kids absolutely crazy with my stories and "bad" musical choices but then I secretly catch them bopping along to whatever I'm actually playing.

A few months ago I was offered an opportunity to (FINALLY) host my own radio show and I dove on it. I've spent years working as a celeb reporter for various stations across the country, Canada & Mexico but honestly all I've really wanted was to be in-studio regularly. I feel like doing nights on live radio in that dark studio is like a homecoming of sorts. It's where I'm supposed to be it just took me a really long time to realize it and find my way.

I truly have stepped into a modern-day WKRP In Cincinnati  and this is at least part of that crazy journey.

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